Miljø-realityshow i Nigeria

Den nigerianske miljøaktivist Newton Chukwukadibia Jibunoh er på trapperne med et reality show til nigeriansk tv med fokus på global opvarmning. Showet hedder Desert Warriors og på dets websted beskrives det således:

The 50 selected participants will be invited to become  contestants on The Endurance Reality show in Agadez, Niger. They will join the Nigerian ambassador to Niger Republic, and will work with officials of the Republic of Niger’s Ministry of Environment on various greening projects, community services and endurance exercises.

While in Agadez, the participants will be put through various endurance exercises, physical fitness challenges, discipline tests, social comportment and driving skills tests. The challenges will be filmed and later transmitted on LTV, Silverbird TV and TVC in Lagos. The show will also air on various TV stations in Niger to show how the participants are faring. During the show, viewers will be able to vote via sms on which of the contestants they would like to eliminate or keep. The final decision on whom to be eliminated will be made by a panel of judges.

Eventually, the remaining 15 contestants will become official Desert Warriors and will set off on an Expedition. During the expedition, the participants will drive from Nigeria to the United Kingdom across the Sahara desert by road. The Desert Warriors will also receive prizes including a Suzuki jeep as well as monetary awards. All 15 Desert warriors will become Lagos state Environment ambassadors and will be honoured at a ceremony in London.

Læs mere om Desert Warriors her.

Læs mere om Newton Chukwukadibia Jibunoh her.

Fundet via Media News fra European Journalism Centre.


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