Betydningen af hurtigt internet i Kenya

Kachwanya har skrevet et stykke om, hvad bredbånd eller superhurtigt internet betyder for Kenya og kenyanerne.

Cut the expenses: Broadband or super fast internet provides incredible way to get high-quality information to bigger audiences almost instantly. Instead of long enduring journeys to attend equally boring meetings, the business could simply organize Web conferencing. The same was show cased by Seacom during the launch of its operations in the region. The back and forth interactions among people from the different launching points, capped by the speech by Tanzania President Mr. Jakayo Kikwete was awesome.


For the leisure purposes, Kenyans majority who spent their entire browsing time chatting or commenting on their friends Facebook status would be able to get ?always on? connection. Due to their heavy nature, currently chatting on social network sites like, Facebook is abit frustrating but with the fast internet, that would not be the case. The Iborian users would be able to communicate without one user going offline, leaving the chat partner grinding his or her teeth. How about those beautiful pictures by her majesty the beautiful queen, I guarantee you the eye sight would be the limit in this case.


Læs hele artiklen.


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